Personalized AI Chat Solutions for You

Experience Accessible, Adjustable Pricing Options, Empowering You with the Latest AI Technology


Latent Workers delivers next-generation AI chat solutions to individuals and businesses in Singapore. Our budget-friendly pricing models cater to an array of requirements, offering complete AI chat assistance customized to your needs.

Only Pay for Your Actual Usage

Latent Workers bases its pricing on the number of chat interactions you make, ensuring that you only pay for what you actually use. This approach makes our services suitable for everyone, from tech enthusiasts to seasoned business owners.

An Innovative System: Actions and Workers

Our plans are built around the concepts of “Actions” and “Workers”:

Actions refer to each response from an AI worker, and Workers denote the number of bot instances within a Telegram private or group chat. This adaptable system allows you to choose a plan that optimizes efficiency and value for your business.

Grow with Latent Workers

Latent Workers is designed to offer valuable AI assistance that can grow along with your business. As your business evolves, our scalable pricing plans will adapt to continue providing you with high-quality, advanced AI solutions.

Every Plan Offers

  1. Access to our state-of-the-art AI Workers, including GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and specialist Workers.
  2. Seamless integration with Telegram, facilitating both private and public chats.
  3. Advanced voice-to-text AI technology, enabling efficient audio interactions.
  4. Sophisticated image-to-text AI technology, assisting in visual data interpretation.
  5. Custom document training, tailoring AI responses for your unique needs.

Basic Plan

  • Throttled after: 1,000 actions/mo
  • Worker limit: 5
  • Ideal for small businesses/startups with limited chat interactions and basic AI assistance needs.

Professional Plan

  • Throttled after: 7,500 actions/mo
  • Worker limit: 15
  • Suitable for medium-sized businesses with growing chat interactions and the need for expert-like AI responses.

Premium Plan

  • Throttled after: 20,000 actions/mo
  • Worker limit: 40
  • Priority email and chat support
  • Tailored for large businesses with high chat volumes and a need for extensive, expert-like AI assistance.

We also offer a Free Plan, ideal for individuals or startups with limited chat interactions and basic AI assistance needs. This plan allows for one Worker.

Custom Latent Worker Development

Our custom development service is billed at USD 150 per hour, depending on the project’s complexity. Please contact us to discuss your needs and get a price estimate based on the hours spent developing tailored Latent Workers.

Latent Workers is your reliable partner for seamlessly integrating AI into your daily operations. Our adept AI team is dedicated to simplifying your routine tasks and enriching your experiences. For those keen on diving deeper into the world of commodity markets, our Commodity Markets Analysis Retainer Service provides practical insights to guide your trading decisions and boost your returns.