Here is the guide on using Latent Workers. This doc is WIP – lots of info to put in 😂.

Get Started

You can start by going to the web app link – From here, you default to the Free plan, where you can create 1 AI Worker and try it out. If you are satisfied, you can then switch to an upgraded plan.

Creating a General AI Worker

Select New Worker on the top left of navigation bar to create New AI Worker. Fill in the info in the settings and click Save, then a new worker will be created for you. the

You can toggle your worker to be made public to share the worker via URL. To protect against your API calls, you can set a rate limit unique to each browser-session ID.

Copy the URL from the button or just the browser URL.

Developing a Specialist AI Worker

This is the current flagship feature for Latent Workers. In addition, you can interface with specialised AI Workers, which can better understand your personalised info and give you personalized responses.

For example, here is an AI Doctor.

There are prompts to guide you on the questions you should ask the specialised AI Worker.

Integrating with Telegram

Each AI Worker can be accessed from your Telegram in 1:1 chat against the bot, or you can add the bot to group Telegram Chats. But first, you generate a Telegram PIN from the worker interface.

You can search for @LatentWorkersBot from Telegram; we have deployed the Bot in Telegram already.

If the Bot is added to a group chat, you need to give it admin access so that it can read all messages in the group. 1:1 chats come defaulted with read access to the conversation.

You can paste the generated PIN from the web interface into Telegram. Then, the server should recognise and link your Telegram Chat to the AI Worker.

Harnessing AI Features: Audio-to-Text and Image-to-Text Conversion

Latent Workers supports the native Telegram feature. So, for example, you can record an audio clip from within Telegram, and the AI Worker will parse, return and interact with your audio message.

It does the same for your image files, snap, and the AI Worker will respond.

Some features are available via the web chat interfaces. For example, you can interact by recording an audio note from your browser.

Or you can upload your image file to the AI Worker.

Cleaning Up: How to Delete Workers and Erase Chat Memory

To keep your chat history organised, you can delete the previous chat. By default, the AI Worker is designed to have a memory of your last N messages (set to 5 right now). You can also delete the AI Worker by clicking the X icon in the left navigation bar.

Managing Your Subscription: Payment and Plan Modifications

You may want to go onto an upgraded plan or change your plan type. Click the upgrade of change plan orange button on the left navigation bar.

You will be directed to a Stripe manage plan customer portal session.

You can change your plan type from here.

Hope you have a good time using Latent Workers. We strive to make it better for your every day /week.