How To Use Latent Workers

Latent Workers provide you with AI workers that live in your chat interfaces. Here, we give an illustrated guide on how to use Latent Workers. Latent Workers are great for […]

March 14, 2023

Latent Workers provide you with AI workers that live in your chat interfaces. Here, we give an illustrated guide on how to use Latent Workers. Latent Workers are great for knowledge answering and are trained with custom personas and domain knowledge.

Getting Started with Latent Workers

To start with Latent Workers, visit and sign up for an account. You will then see the following user interfaces.

Add Chat Interface to Latent Workers

Currently, we only support Telegram. However, we plan to support more commonly used interfaces in the future.

View and Hire Trained Latent Workers

We have pre-trained some AI workers so that you can plug, play, and use them off the shelf. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have suggestions on what AI worker we should train next.

Attached Trained Latent Workers for Your Chat Interfaces

Here, we attach workers to your chats, so the workers will live in them and respond to messages it receives.

Search @LatentWorkerBot in Telgram

We have Telegrams bots which are integrated with our servers. Search them up by typing LatentWorkerBot or clicking on Type and enter /start to start the bot.

Search Available Commands in Telegram By Typing /

There are some convenient commands within Telegram to work with your Latent Worker. For example,/clear_history deletes memory and the current chat context of the worker. /help sends you to this how-to page. More Latent Worker settings can be found on the web app itself.

Connect, and Authenticate Your Telegram Chat to Your Latent Workers Account

Generate the PIN from the Latent Workers interface and paste it into the chat group you want to connect to. The chat group can be a private chat (1:1 with the bot, you can only have one) or a group chat (you can have many group chats with the bot invited into it).


Enter the PIN to the Telegram Chat to Which You Want To Connect

Please type in the PIN and Latent Worker, and let you know if it is successfully authenticated.

View Latent Workers Living and Working in Your Chat Interfaces

You can also name your chat interfaces to keep track of them better.

View Your Connected Chat Interfaces

You can track, edit and delete your connected chat interfaces. As of now, only Telegram interfaces are supported.

View Your AI Workers

You can track which of your AI workers are active and how many bursts (jobs) they have recently run.

Engage Your AI Workers

Go back into the connected Telegram chat with the attached AI worker and start talking and engaging with them. Test them out, and ask them hard questions!

Send Telegram Audio Note To Your Workers

Press and hold the audio icon to record and send audio note. You will get a response.

Latent Workers is a powerful AI workers SaaS that allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate AI into their operations. With Latent Workers, you don’t need any technical knowledge of AI to benefit from it. Following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily create jobs, configure workers, and view results. So try it today and see how Latent Workers can enhance your business operations!

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Latent Workers provides AI workers through chat interfaces that handles generalised tasks. Our trained AI workers help you to streamline your workflows, reduce errors, and enhance your services. With real-time answers to your industry-related questions, our AI workers make your job easier and more efficient.

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