> We know how hard it is run a SEO strategy in line with Google’s new AI SEO guidelines. That’s why we created Latent Workers.

Use GPT-4 AI to create helpful, reliable, people-first content for Google SERP for small teams. Co-write content with AI, instead of just generating content.

(1) Generate optimized full content for you to edit over, (2) Refresh your outdated content, (3) Fact Check for Consistency and (4) Insert Media Content to ensure your content always rank.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Empowering 150+ users worldwide with our AI tool. You can use it with the WordPress Chrome Extension, or the standalone Web Editor for all content sites. We welcome you to try it out!

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(1) Create content using SEO Keyword and Google Search Data

(2) Edit and improve over outdated content

(3) Fact check your content for accuracy

(4) Insert media (web, news, images, videos)

More Leads and Conversions

Time and cost-effective content creation

Users of Latent Workers see more visitors and better engagement. See the difference our tool makes.

Who This Is For

For Local Businesses, Content Publishers, E-commerce Platforms, and Niche Sites

Don’t let lack of time and energy for content creation hold you back. Latent Workers can be used as a standalone web tool or directly integrated into WordPress via Chrome Extension.


Why choose us? We work on the approach of providing you with an AI-Copilot for your content strategy, so you can be proud to publish in your own name, instead of just churning out AI articles with little check or control.

Free plans start with 3 content credits, no credit card needed. You can scale up from there.

Basic Plan

  • 25 Content Credits
  • GPT-4
  • Good for most SMBs, 1 content each day.

Professional Plan

  • 50 Content Credits
  • GPT-4
  • For heavier users, 2 content each day.

Premium Plan

  • 150 Content Credits
  • GPT-4
  • For focused SEO users, 5 content each day.
All Plans:
Each credit allows for multiple AI Functions, effectively managing a single piece of content.
Leverage GPT-4 AI for writing, editing, and refreshing your content.
Get tips to improve your writing with Analyse feature.
Ensure the accuracy of your information with our dedicated Fact Checking tool.
Enrich your articles with images, videos, and links using our Search Media feature.
Accessible as a web editor for all content sites and as a Chrome extension for WordPress integration.
Auto-generate meta descriptions, titles, and URL slugs to boost your content’s search engine visibility.

We also offer custom plans supporting up thousands credits per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our AI content improver tool.

You do! We grant you full commercial license and ownership of the content generated by our AI.

Yes, your payment security is our priority. We use Stripe, a trusted and secure platform for handling online payments.

The number of content you can generate depends on your plan, ranging from 20 to 4000 each month.

Our AI is versatile and can generate content for a wide range of topics. However, it’s most effective when provided with specific, SEO-optimized keywords.

Latent Worker crafts content optimized for search engines. By staying attuned to trending web interests, we create content that’s more likely to rank higher in search results. Moreover, as content is automatically updated and relevant, search engines view your site as a valuable and up-to-date source, further enhancing your SEO positioning.

SEO results are influenced by various factors, including competition, current website authority, and the quality of the backlink profile. Generally, after integrating our AI-powered content, users tend to observe noticeable improvements in organic traffic and rankings within 3-6 months. However, results may vary.

We recommend using trusted SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. These tools can provide comprehensive keyword insights, including search volume, competition level, and related keyword suggestions.